Even here in Victoria, we’re lucky to have sunny weather much of the time in Australia.

Which makes picnicking one of the nation’s most popular pastimes – and that’s exactly why you might want to find the best picnic baskets available in Australia right now.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, then it’s worth investing in the best products to make sure your picnics are as enjoyable as possible.

There’s no point in spending all your time eyeing other people’s lovely vintage picnic baskets with envy when you can buy a cool picnic basket of your own!

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Best picnic baskets Australia beach, blanket and chapagne glasses.

We’ve gone through all the hard work tracking down the best picnic baskets sets Australia has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for cool picnic bags, small picnic baskets, or more unusual, unique picnic baskets, this guide will help you find the ideal product.

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We love this picnic basket because it has it all. Wine and food coolers plus storage containers as well as the cutlery, crockery, and other accessories you need for 4 people.


You may simply want to check out the latest Amazon picnic baskets, or already know that you want to find an affordable wicker picnic basket in Australia or a backpack style carrier.

Whichever applies to you, stay with us to discover all the best picnic baskets and accessories.

As well as picnic baskets, we also cover a few other items that could come in useful.

These include insulated neoprene wine bottle sleeve sets, a folding wooden table, and an ultra compact and portable picnic blanket.

First, though, you can check out our helpful comparison table below. This lets you see the key features of each product at a glance.

Beneath that, we also detail what to look for when you’re choosing the best picnic basket to suit your needs.

Picnic Set Australia Comparison Chart

Compare all the top picnic hampers in Australia quickly and easily with this handy table.

It’s the fastest way to find the picnic basket set – available in Australia – that will suit your needs best.

NameImageCoolerKey FeaturesPrice
Luxury Wicker
Picnic Basket
Cooler CompartmentDeluxe Product, Hot/Cool Compartment Lots Of Items IncludedClick Here!
Wicker Picnic
Basket For 4
Wine & Food CoolersWine & Food Coolers, Picnic Blanket Carrier, Eco-FriendlyClick Here!
Wicker Picnic
Basket For 6
Cooler BagGreat Value, White Finish, Zipped Food CompartmentClick Here!
Wicker Picnic
Basket For 2
NoneWater Resistant Picnic Blanket, Wine Glasses & CorkscrewClick Here!
Vintage Picnic
Basket For 2
Cooler CompartmentCorkscrew & Wine Glasses, Vintage Looks, Cooler Click Here!
Picnic Backpack
For 4
Detachable CoolerShatter-Proof Crockery, 6 Colours, Removable CoolerClick Here!
Picnic Backpack
For 2
Detachable Cooler & Cooler CompartmentGreat Pockets, Detachable Cooler, Top Quality BlanketClick Here!
Retro Picnic
Backpack For 4
Detachable Wine Cooler & Cooler CompartmentRetro Style, Removable Wine Cooler, Salt & Pepper ShakersClick Here!
Wheeled Picnic
Bag For 6
Cooler CompartmentSpacious, Easy To Wheel Salt & Pepper ShakersClick Here!
Large Foldable
Cooler Bag
Entire Cooler BagLarge Capacity, Collapsible, Highly VersatileClick Here!
Collapsible Plastic
Picnic Basket
NoneFoldable, Versatile,Waterproof & Sturdy ConstructionClick Here!
Folding Wine &
Picnic Table
N/ARaised Surface, Bottle & Glass Slots, Folds Down FlatClick Here!
Portable Picnic Blanket
With Pouch & Carabiner
N/ASand, Puncture & Water Resistant, Ultra Versatile & CompactClick Here!
Wine Bottle Cooler Set
For Picnics
2 Wine Bottle Coolers2 Per Pack, Chills & Protects Glass Bottles, Neoprene MaterialClick Here!

Finding the best picnic baskets in Australia

There are a number of factors to bear in mind when looking at picnics baskets and associated products.

These include the type, whether there’s a cooler built in, and what tableware is or isn’t included.

Basket, backpack, or other?

The first question to consider is what type of carrier you want.

If you’re very active, then a backpack cooler might be best.

But if you normally travel by car to the beach or park, then maybe you like the look of a wicker picnic basket.

There are some other options too, including a wheeled picnic basket or a couple of all-purpose coolers.

While there’s no denying that wicker picnic baskets look good, other options, like backpacks or large coolers, can sometimes be a more practical choice.

Cooler compartment

Does your chosen picnic basket or backpack have a cooler compartment?

The vast majority listed here do, and some also have a wine cooler included.

Think about how much food or drinks you’ll need to keep chilled.

This may vary depending on the climate where you live, as well as what – and how much – you tend to eat and drink.

Other questions to ask yourself include the following:

  • How many of you are there?
  • What quantity will everyone consume?
  • How long are you going to be out for?

Picnic basket and rug at the beach in Australia.


A lot of picnic backpacks and baskets come complete with all the cutlery and crockery you need for 2, 4, or 6 people.

Some have mugs or cups, while others have wine glasses instead.

Does your chosen basket contain everything you need?

If not, is there enough space inside to store extra items?

Useful items that come with some picnic carriers, for instance, include a corkscrew, salt and pepper shakers, or a chopping or cheese board.

Picnic accessories

Other picnic gear available in Australia is also included in this guide.

For example, you can buy a picnic and wine table to use in Australia, or a pair of neoprene wine coolers to chill and protect your drinks.

There’s also a very portable picnic blanket that comes in its own pouch.

While none of these items are essential, they’re all the kind of things that are nice to have and will last for years.

They may make good gift items for friends and family too.

Luxury Picnic Basket Australia 

1) Luxury Wicker Picnic Basket

  • Wicker basket
  • Crockery and cutlery for 2

If you don’t mind paying a little extra for the more expensive picnic baskets, this luxury product is well worth the investment.

And it’s one of the best picnic baskets available in Australia right now!

This old-fashioned picnic basket comes complete with all the cutlery and crockery you need for two people.

Click here to check the latest price.

If you want to find the best insulated picnic basket Australia has to offer, then this also ticks that box.

It has an insulated compartment for keeping food and drinks cool. You can use it to keep food hot too.

As well as plates, mugs, napkins, knives, forks, and spoons, this basket also comes with salt and pepper shakers and even a corkscrew.

A flexible faux leather handle makes this easy to carry wherever you go, and a strap made from the same material can be closed to make sure the contents are securely fastened inside.

This picnic basket would also make a great gift for a couple.


  • Luxury product
  • Cool or hot compartment
  • Includes crockery, cutlery, a corkscrew, and lots more


  • Higher price range

Click here to view this luxury picnic basket

 Wicker Picnic Baskets 

2) Our Top Choice Picnic Basket

  • Willow basket
  • Cutlery and crockery for 4

If you want the best picnic basket available in Australia, then this is our number one pick among all the high-quality picnic baskets listed in this guide.

Unlike the previous product, this is also a contender as the top 4 person picnic basket in Australia.

This stylish wicker picnic basket with blue accessories even has integral straps so you can attach your picnic blanket to it.


Click here to check the latest price.

Also included with the basket are 4 each of forks, knives, spoons, plates, napkins, and even wine glasses.

A corkscrew and a set of plastic food containers are also inside – ideal for storing all your picnic food while en route to your destination.

There are also food and wine coolers inside.

Handmade from natural willow, this basket has a soft cotton corduroy lining and is finished with eco-friendly varnish.

It has two brown faux leather straps for securing the contents, as well as a soft carry handle.


  • Food and wine coolers included
  • Integral picnic blanket straps
  • Natural and eco-friendly materials


  • Included picnic blanket not the best

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3) 6 Person Picnic Set

  • Wicker basket
  • Crockery and cutlery for 6

If you need to find a 6 person picnic set to use in Australia, try this one for size.

With a whitewashed look, it stands out from the other wood-toned picnic baskets you’ll see dotted around the park.

This picnic basket set available in Australia has the usual cutlery, crockery, and napkins for 6 persons, plus it also comes with a cheeseboard, salt and pepper shakers, and a corkscrew.

It’s lined with a dark blue cotton fabric that contrasts beautifully with the white wicker, and this can be zipped shut for added hygiene and security.

Click here to check the latest price.

There is also an insulated coolar bag inside this white picnic basket to use in Australia.

Two stainless steel chains hold it open while in use, and there is a light blanket included too.

With the back-up of a one-year warranty, this product offers very good value for money.


  • Great value price
  • Distinctive white wicker finish
  • Zippered food compartment plus cooler


  • Small cups and no wine glasses

Click here to view this 6 person picnic basket

4) Home Innovation Picnic Basket For 2

  • Wicker basket
  • Crockery and cutlery for 2

If you’re a couple seeking a cane picnic basket in Australia, this one also comes with a white wicker finish.

This top pick among cheap picnic baskets even comes with wine glasses, a corkscrew, and a water resistant picnic blanket.

Click here to check the latest price.

This 2 person basket for use in Australia also comes with plates and cutlery.

There is a dark brown faux leather carry handle plus two straps to keep all the contents safe.

This dark colour contrasts well against the white finish of the wicker. Inside, the same type of straps store the crockery and cutlery securely.

This is ideal for anyone seeking mini picnic baskets that aren’t too bulky or heavy to carry, but contain everything you need for a relaxed al fresco meal for 2.


  • A modern twist on a traditional style
  • Wine glasses and corkscrew included
  • Water resistant picnic blanket


  • No cooler

Click here to see this picnic basket for 2

5) Good Gain 2 Person Picnic Basket

  • Willow basket
  • Cutlery and crockery for 2

If you hanker after a vintage wicker picnic basket, take a look at this one.

The style and colour of this retro picnic set is ideal for recreating the appearance of an older basket – yet it contains an up-to-date range of very useful items.


Click here for the latest price.

Inside this more old fashioned choice among picnic hamper baskets there is cutlery and crockery for 2.

There are napkins that match the lid lining, and this has straps for securing the plates, knives, forks, spoons, and corkscrew in place.

The honey coloured wicker, striped beige strap, and cherry print fabric combine to give this picnic basket a retro feel, and there is an insulated compartment inside for keeping your food chilled or hot.


  • Retro looks
  • Insulated food compartment
  • Includes corkscrew and wine glasses


  • No cup or mugs provided

Click here to view this vintage wicker picnic basket.

Picnic Backpack Australia

 6) Our Top Backpack Pick

  • Picnic backpack
  • Crockery and cutlery for 4

If you want something that’s easier to carry, check out this Sunflora one – it’s our top pick as the best picnic backpack in Australia right now.

The advantage of a backpack is that it’s less of a chore to carry it – which can really matter if you’re travelling by public transport or need to walk some distance to your destination.


Click here to check the latest price.

This is a 4 person picnic backpack, and it contains everything you need for a great picnic.

Inside, there are dedicated sections for each set of items, and these include shatter-proof melamine plates and TPE wine glasses, and even a bamboo chopping board.

If you want a picnic backpack for 4 person use, this is a great option.

It’s capable of keeping food and drinks hot or cold for hours too, thanks to the detachable insulated compartment.

You can also choose between 6 different colours.


  • Choice of 6 colours
  • Detachable cooler compartment
  • Shatter-proof plates and glasses


  • Mugs and cups not included

Click here to see this picnic backpack for 4.

7) HappyPicnic Backpack For 2

  • Picnic backpack
  • Cutlery and crockery for 2

If you’d prefer a more modern picnic backpack set, this product might just be a contender.

In cool grey, this ergonomically designed 2 person picnic backpack comes complete with a large tartan picnic rug that’s water resistant.


Click here to check the latest price.

This backpack picnic basket has carry straps for the blanket, and also features bottle holders at each side.

There is even a key fob attached to the front for securing additional items.

A corkscrew and cheese board and knife are among the extras included with this insulated picnic backpack.

Inside you’ll find a removable leak-proof pouch, plus a foil lined section for keeping food chilled.


  • High quality picnic blanket
  • Removable cooler pouch
  • Lots of useful pockets and straps


  • Too small for a family

Click here to view this 2 person picnic backpack

8) 4 Person Picnic Backpack

  • Picnic backpack
  • Crockery and cutlery for 4

This picnic backpack cooler combines retro style with modern function.

With a vintage colour scheme, it offers buyers the best of both worlds. Inside, it’s fully equipped for a 4 person picnic.


Click here to check the latest price.

Items supplied include a water resistant picnic blanket with a fleece finish and salt and pepper shakers.

As well as plates, cutlery, cotton napkins, and wine glasses.

A detachable wine cooler also comes with it, in addition to the main cooler compartment.

If you want a complete picnic backpack for 4 with blanket, it’s worth giving this one serious consideration.

This picnic set for 4 in a backpack offers vintage style, yet is highly practical and easy to carry.


  • Vintage styling
  • Detachable wine cooler
  • Salt and pepper shakers


  • Blanket on the small side

Click here to see this retro picnic backpack for 4

Other Types Of Picnic Sets in Australia

 9) Trolley Picnic Set For 6

  • Wheeled picnic set
  • Crockery and cutlery for 6

There are other types of 2, 4 or 6 person picnic basket available in Australia too – including this picnic basket on wheels for use in Australia.

This product saves carrying a picnic backpack or basket at all. Instead, you wheel this picnic bag along like a suitcase.

Click here to check the latest price.

As with the kind of wheeled duffel bag or case you take on holiday, it has a long retractable handle.

There are interior straps for tableware and multiple pockets so you can separate items by type too.

6 sets of cutlery, plates, a corkscrew and glasses are provided.

An insulated, foil lined compartment can keep food and drinks cool, and it also comes with a pair of salt and pepper shakers.

The only downside is that it’s not always the ideal beach picnic basket, as you’d probably resort to carrying it over the sand.


  • Easy to wheel like a suitcase
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Large cooler compartment


  • Wheels are not ideal for all terrain

Click here to view this wheeled picnic basket.

10) Large Folding Cooler Bag

  • Cooler bag
  • 30 litre capacity

If you want a more multi-purpose product that you can adapt to your needs, have a look at this spacious cooler bag.

With a 40 can – or 30 litre – capacity, it’s ideal for those seeking empty picnic baskets in Australia to fill just as you wish.


Click here to check the latest price.

This particular product could also be used as an additional cooler for parties, or for carrying food to barbecues.

It could even be taken when you’re going grocery shopping to keep chilled or frozen food cold on the way home – which is ideal if you live some distance from the nearest store.

This large picnic cooler basket available in Australia is designed to be fully leakproof, and with an insulated board to the bottom, it won’t sag when being moved about.

It can be folded down for storage, while the flip top makes it simple to access just what you want when in use.


  • Very versatile cooler bag
  • Collapsible for storage
  • Leakproof design


  • No contents included

Click here to see this foldable cooler bag for picnics

11) Collapsible Plastic Picnic Basket

  • Plastic picnic basket
  • 15 litre capacity

This product offers another option for anyone searching for a collapsible picnic basket in Australia.

Again this item is highly versatile, as it can be used as a food or laptop tray, carrying fishing gear, or even as a portable washbasin for camping.


Click here to check the latest price.

A particularly useful feature of this plastic picnic basket with lid for use in Australia is its durable, waterproof finish.

It can also be collapsed for storage, meaning it takes up far less space when not being used.

With a cool camo finish, this distinctly different Japanese product will certainly make you stand out from the crowd – and can even be used for TV dinners or when working from home.


  • Can be used as a lap table or washbasin
  • Strong, waterproof construction
  • Collapsible for storing


  • More limited capacity

Click here to view this camo plastic picnic basket.

Picnic Accessories

Here are some of the other picnic accessories available in Australia that you might find useful.

While none are strictly essential, they can certainly make outdoor living a little more pleasant!

Kango Mango Folding Picnic Table

  • Small picnic table
  • For wine and food

Picnicking is great fun, but it’s not always the most comfortable dining option for everyone.

Alfresco eating often involves sitting on the ground where there are no picnic tables.

Investing in a wood picnic table like this one can make picnicking more accessible for everyone.


Click here to check the latest price.

This product has been designed as a folding wine table too, and it has a circular slot for placing the bottle as well as four glass holding slots.

It also gives you a clean, raised surface on which to place food, away from crawling bugs. This leaves your picnic rug free for sitting on.

The Kango Mango outdoor wine table and wine glass holder folds flat, and can then be carried by using the dual-purpose bottle slot as a handle.


  • Wine bottle and 4 glass slots
  • Raises food and drinks above ground level
  • Folds flat for carrying and storage


  • Price tag

Click here to see this Kango Mango picnic table.

Compact Pocket Picnic Blanket

  • Compact picnic rug
  • For picnics, camping, festivals, hiking, and more

If you’re the sort of person who likes to be prepared, then you’ll love this portable option among the picnic rugs Australia has to offer.

It’s a sand and waterproof picnic rug that’s easy to keep in a backpack or in your car – ideal for those unplanned picnic breaks.


Click here to check the latest price.

Many of the picnic blankets available in Australia can be bulky or heavy to carry, but not this one.

It all packs down into a compact little pouch for storage and carrying.

Buyers can choose between plain red, blue and green, or opt for a camo pattern.

If you’re in the market for a picnic blanket in Australia, this lightweight yet very durable item can be used for camping, festivals, and hiking as well as al fresco eating.

A matching carabiner also comes with it, and the product is puncture-proof as well as resistant to water and sand.


  • Pouch and carabiner included
  • A multitude of uses
  • Water, sand, and puncture-proof


  • Thin fabric

Click here to view this pocket picnic blanket with pouch.

Wine Cooler Bag For Picnics

  • Neoprene wine cooler
  • For chilling and protecting drinks

For those who enjoy a little tipple in the sun, wine cooler bags are a picnic essential.

This portable wine chiller bag can also protect your bottle while keeping the still or fizzy contents deliciously cold.


Click here to check the latest price.

These waterproof wine carrier bags are fairly inexpensive and should be strong enough to last a lifetime.

They come as a set of two wine travel bags, so you can also take along a soft drink – or a spare bottle!

The soft neoprene construction includes handles at the top for easy carrying, and each pack contains either one black wine bottle cooler bag plus a patterned one, or a pair in plain black.


  • Keeps bottle cold
  • Protects glass against breakage
  • Set of 2


  • No seal at the top

Click here to see this set of picnic wine carriers.

Which is the pick of the picnic baskets in Australia for you? 

We hope this guide has been helpful when choosing between the best picnic baskets Australia has to offer.

Whether you prioritise style or practicality, these products will make life simpler and more comfortable for all the family.

If you’d like to find the best picnic rug to make you stand out from the crowd, why not check out our article on choosing the best boho picnic blanket for your trips?

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